Saturday, January 12, 2008

Valentines and Irish Tea

I have been making valentines all this week, sitting in on CafePress's shopkeeper chat session and thinking in red and pink. The Valentine's are almost ready, anyone who would like to look can go here

  • Roses and hearts seem made for each other! I have valentines that I am making too and will be posting them here soon and over on Etsy as soon as I figure that out! So even though Christmas is just over and the weather has been gray the valentines are quite cheering.

    A neighbor brought tea yesterday and I discovered that true Irish tea is brewed much stronger than American tea. It turns out that this beautiful young woman is from exactly the part of Ireland that I have been trying to describe in my unfinished novel, A Priest Forever According to Melchisadech: a Story of the Irish Famine and the Holocaust.

    This feels like a blessing that I am truly supposed to finish this book after all. My niece and my sister both want me to do so. I am excited and happy.

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