Monday, January 21, 2008

Valentine Cards are up and for Sale

So I stuck it out yesterday and finally my pictures loaded in the toolbox to the right! I am so excited. These are my Valentine cards. They are so pretty! Each card is an individual print printed by Adorama Pix--best prices I have found, excellent quality and the service is so fast that the package is almost here before I finish reading the email that says the package has shipped!

All of the cards are glued onto four-fold 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper so that they open to form a generous letter-writing space. The paper is Astroparche, white with matching envelopes. I love this paper for it has a nice look and feel almost of antique paper or parchment. Reminds me of my calligraphy days.

All of the cards are priced $3.00 each. Email me at to order and I will bill you through Paypal.

All of the designs are also available on a wide range of products through my cafepress shop. Please click through the link to the right.

My Peace design, Fred is Peace, on cards and small banners will follow soon.

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