Friday, January 25, 2008

Fixing the Computer Keyboard

Last night I was struck with the need to write in one of my projects on my desktop computer. This need felt almost as urgent as hunger and as I began to attend to it and expected to settle into the flow of writing, I found instead the frustration of a sticking space bar. I thought that I must have hit something by mistake, or accidentally set something like a short cut key that was causing the space bar not to respond.

Today, I discovered that the keys pop off and the space bar itself comes out and that after ten years of constant use and no dust cover there was a mass of felted dust under those keys. So I cleaned and I fiddled and the space bar works, as Papa used to say, "like a champ". Bravo! Hurray! Now no money will be spent on a new keyboard--I can keep saving for a DVD player--and what is even more of a triumph to me, I don't have to scroll through the multiple choices offered in keyboards. Yes! So pleased.

So I feel accomplished and triumphant. Peace reigns in this little corner of the planet while the music of rain (no wind, thank heaven) accompanies my enjoyment. It is good to be ending a week that has been busy and productive with a sense of contentment and the feeling that some leisure pursuit is probably allowable. Guilty pleasure television or the news whichever turns out to more interesting is ahead of me and so is a nice warm bed.

Life is good. Oh yes it is and I am grateful.

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