Saturday, November 17, 2007


Re-inventing the sweatshop, err I mean home business has kept me almost too busy this week. The cards are so pretty, the buttons are too and I even had a truce with my sewing machine long enough to sew four peace flags. Pretty, delicate things that are printed on fabric that runs through the printer. The back is then peeled away. I will use the backing paper for templates for other projects, so that it doesn't go immediately into the landfill.

My dear friend M emailed me today with this link

It is an excellent piece. How many times have I not been seen because I was not at eye level? How many times has some helpful person insisted on pushing and I have almost gotten my feet caught under the chair because they weren't paying attention to when I needed to stop? (I don't use the feet plates.) How many times have I been totally ignored and excluded from conversations that I would love to be a part of so that staying at home is less painful than going out somewhere and trying to be social? Too many!

Never mind. The sun is shining and won't be for long. The sweatshop is calling. Tomorrow I will set up a boutique and I do hope a few folks come.

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