Monday, November 19, 2007

Next Day

After spending last week reinventing the home business as sweatshop I held an open house yesterday. A neighbor who is a superb baker, and her two sons and one of their friends made this fun and a success by setting up a cookie and cider sale in my driveway. They do this from time to time at their own house which is on a busier street. The idea was to drive traffic to my house through their cookie sale. My friend makes the most wonderful pumpkin muffins I have ever eaten and the best snickerdoodles too.

Getting ready reminded me of all the times Papa and I had done this years earlier with another small business that I had. Without his help, I don't do it as well. He would have enjoyed this, I think and I missed him a good deal while I did the preparations. Still he was my greatest rooter-booster and I can feel him cheering me on. Even though I have never really had a success in my life (except academically), not long before he died, Papa told me that he was proud of me for trying.

So I will keep trying. Never give up. My goodies are nearly ready for the next time too! The prints from Adorama have made up nicely into cards. The Peace design that I love so much is beautiful with the colors around it. At the last minute on Saturday, I even managed to sew the Peace flags I had printed several weeks ago that sat patiently by the sewing machine waiting for me to come back to them. Miraculously, I managed to only sew one of them back to front. The ripper awaits. One was also printed on the paper backing side instead of the fabric side. Sigh. It sits near the printer waiting to be re-run.

My to-do list looks like a re-do list. A new variation on to-do lists! Sewing is fairly forgiving--usually one can fix a mistake. Knitting is very forgiving as it allows one to "unknit" what is wrong. I like knitting better, since it doesn't involve a machine. Sometimes one cannot escape the machine and I will have another date with the sewing machine for a "re-do" afternoon soon.

The knitting progresses too. One very large ball of yarn has transformed itself patiently into one moderately large shawl and a number of "fluff ball" scarves await Christmas distribution. The days are shortening, but are filled, so that when the shortest day passes it will be only a short while until Christmas and then the days will lengthen again. That is the part I look forward to.

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