Monday, October 29, 2007

Getting Started

I am off to a slow start this week. Which project shall it be? Self-employment can become unemployment all too quickly if one does not have a combination of organization and discipline. Routine helps too. Last night, I did not make my customary to-do list. Thought I could do it in the morning. That doesn't work as well as doing it at night. I sleep better and get off to a quicker start if the piece of paper is there with the tasks ready to be ticked off.

Today's list includes email which is done and this blog and then taking pictures. I have a totally magnificent rose that grew and grew and grew. At about 6'3" it stopped and put forth a bud which bloomed quite quickly. It is red, fluffy, large and fragrant and deserves to have its picture taken. A cluster of yellow roses is blooming on the porch steps (which have become a resting stop for planters, since I can't use the steps.) The chrysanthemum that must be six years old by now is blooming, too. My garden, even though it is mostly in containers amazes me.

Watching the cycle of the plants growing is a better reminder of the cycle of the seasons than any calendar alone can be. They have a certain inherent humility as well that inspires me and also draws my affection to them. The color show makes me wonder how God did this--how do the plants know that they are to be these colors? What delight, creativity and even whimsy the Creator displayed in making them all! Even more so in making us! Just as the plants diversity completes the garden, so too our diversity completes the communities we share.

Well, it is time to go take that rose picture. Peace to everyone today.

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