Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday morning

It feels like it is truly Fall now, even though the equinox is still a week away. The temperature in the house was 69 and that was with the windows closed. I am always glad to see summer wane, for my house holds the heat on a hot day too well and I would rather wrap up in all the wool and fleece I own than run fans day and night to try to cool down. Sounds like a cantankerous old lady, which I guess I am old enough to be--in a few more days.

The sundflowers that were so glorious a month ago are bowing low to the ground now with the wight of their seed. Yesterday a small black squirrel ate and ate and ate from one of them leaving behind a pile of pod peelings--squirrels are definitely messy, messy eaters--and looking like she was not going to leave until the food was all gone.

The Pyracantha trees in my backyard, which truly after 50+ years are trees, are heavily laden with berries and I will have to get them trimmed this time, I think to keep them from falling over on the roof. They are a rich color and provide a rich backdrop for the dining room. They will also provide much food for birds and squirrels.

Back to backing up.

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