Saturday, September 15, 2007

Computer recovery, backup

The computer is back! The data is safe and restored from the backup drive. It is not arranged the way I expected it to be but it is there. I am so grateful and thankful and tired!

Backing up pays off! I will spend the next week recovering everything into the order that I would like it in--which of course I will try to have be the way it was, even though it won't be. As I go along I will be copying to CD's because they are so much more findable and manageable than a 300 gigabyte hard drive that sits primly and pristinely on the empty desk top waiting for the return of the computer that drives it.

My new back up scheme is planned to include cds numbered and labeled and then a notebook containing the number and label and the contents of each cd. (If I actually do all this, I will award myself five gold stars pasted across the outside of the computer case! WE all have good intentions!)

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