Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday morning again

Time to face a new week again. The last one went by so fast, I wish that I could pull the reins on this one and slow it down a bit. Five full days to write five blog posts, work on my other writing projects, continue decluttering in my house, fulfill Mary Kay orders and see what else I can do.

Tomorrow is marked by one friend's departure for college and another's return from vacation. Wednesday has two appointments and Thursday is full as well. One of these days I will sew for the first time at my new sewing station in my newly arranged studio.

I am grateful that I have no commute and that I can take breaks when I need to. There are pitfalls to working at home. The dishes call; the laundry would like to be done; the birds and squirrels invite me to watch them play in my yard. There are always more domestic projects that could claim my attention and at this time of the year it is also nice to be outdoors. With the days becoming shorter there is the reality that being outdoors will be curtailed in a few months time when rain (we hope) and cold supersede sunshine and perfect dryness.

I will make more yogurt cheese today and sort my yarn stash which has become a jumble over too many boxes and plastic tubs. Before it can take its place in the studio it needs to be organized and labeled.

Labeling is so important to the process of organizing. I will try to put the boxes labels in my inventory notebook, too--if I remember, if I can find the inventory notebook.

I am using one of my Fred is Peace journals as my household inventory notebook. It is a nice size and has a good feel in my hand. Cafepress has chosen a quality product here, as they have throughout their product line. I recommend it. (Beginning and end of shameless plug for the day!)

Have a great Monday. Before we know it Friday will be here again!

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