Thursday, August 9, 2007

Missing Days

The last three days have gone by so quickly that I have missed two posts and not even realized it.

The painting is nearly done. The last wall is primed ready for color tomorrow and M will finish it with time to spare before she leaves for college. We are both pretty excited, although tired of the smell of paint. I am so happy to have the new fresh look in my house.

Meanwhile, I have been decluttering and throwing things out. In the process I have rediscovered the novel that I started over a decade ago and that I should finish. It has good parts and not so great parts and since I am the editor as well as writer, I figure that no one really has to see the not so great parts!

My kitchen is full of apples given to me by my kind friend L, who is a member of the "greatest generation." He served in the Marines in World War II and reminds me a bit of my late father. The apples are from his tree, a Gravenstein, the best apples in the world, in my opinion.

Tomorrow we finish painting. I should make an apple pie, but will probably just enjoy the apples as is with yogurt cheese.

The days are getting shorter, the shadows lengthening and Fall will be in the air soon. Fall is my favorite time of the year because I was a student for such a long time. It is a time of new beginnings. It also means that the Holidays will be here soon.

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