Friday, August 3, 2007

Friday--the week went fast

Already the week is almost over! It seems to have barely started. Blogging in the morning, as with most writing, seems to work best for me.

Yesterday more wall was primed. When full, the rooms of my house seem small. When being painted, the same rooms seem to grow. Primer has a pungent smell of its own; I will be glad when that smell isn't in the house any longer. It drives out even cooking and baking smells. Today will be another painting day and the pale, pale green will cover the primer. I am so excited and grateful to M and her friend J for doing this for me.

The paint itself smells new. New paint, new paper, new leather shoes, new books. New smells speak of new beginnings and are associated in my mind with the beginning of a new academic year. After all I didn't leave school until I was in my thirties and even during the years between college and graduate school I was associated with a university by continuing to sing in a choir and by spending several years on the staff of a campus ministry program. (More about that probably some day.)

The days are getting shorter. Daylight streams into my house at what I consider to be a more civil hour and sunset, coming a little earlier now, gives me a sense of relief that even should the weather turn hot, I will not cook in my house. (Last year's killer heat wave in California scared me.)

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