Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fall is coming

With less daylight in both the morning and the evening now and definitely chilly mornings it almost feels like Fall is early this year. Why not? All of the other seasons seemed to come early and we had an unusually cold winter, dry except for snow, which is so rare in the San Francisco Bay Area that it always makes the news--not just the weather report.

I wonder, are drought, or near drought years often colder than wetter winters? It would make sense, since much of our rain is tropical and the cloud layers themselves tend to warm the earth, like blankets.

The sunflowers are hurrying to bloom now. Even the trio that had been working to become the worlds tallest sunflowers are developing flower buds. Flower buds on a sunflower are almost a misnomer. They are huge. Everything about these flowers is oversize! I love to watch them turn to follow the sun and I also like the patterns their leaves make in shadows on my fence.

In the next few days, I will be printing cards from some of the photos of this summer's sunflowers.

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