Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sunflowers and Painting

I never much liked sunflowers really, because I never much liked Vincent Van Gogh's famous painting of them. Now they march along my fence outside my office window and they are gorgeous. They have made me love them. So it is never too late to change!

Parts of my house are being painted by kind young friends and the light glows on the new color, clean and bright and fresh. What a superb difference it makes!

Attendant to the painting is the necessity to clean, to move things out of the way to make way for the painting to progress. Fortunately, the city in which I live has "on call pick-ups" for extra trash and now the race is on. Just how much stuff can I get ready and who will push it out for me?

So my posts may be a bit spotty over the next few days, not a good beginning for a blog, but a renewal of my life nonetheless.

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