Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gold Finches and Sunflowers

I garden, as I do everything, with a great deal of help from my friends for as a disabled person I can enjoy the visual display of my garden, water the plants growing in pots and occasionally take pictures, but not the larger gardening tasks. Plants, planted in the ground where my wheel chair does not go depend, as I do, on the assistance of friends. Pruning would not get done at all without other willing hands (and strong backs.)

Last summer a friend hung bird feeders from tree branches that I can see from all my back windows. On Friday of last week these feeders were empty for people had been away on vacation. Two finches came and perched on the window ledge a foot or so away from where I was typing on my computer.

"No bird feeders there," they seemed to be saying as they looked all around my room. I assured them the feeders would soon be filled and wondered what my office looked like to a bird. First, the large being tapping on the strange machine, much as they peck for seed. Then everything, even the stuffed animals on the computer desk overwhelming larger than they are. What would rows of books look like to little birds? I laughed and was filled with joy.

That same morning I looked out at the sunflowers another friend planted in June. The summer's glory is reflected in their color. Yellow is not a color I have ever especially liked, but this color! It is so deep and glorious that it has made me love it. The sunflowers truly do "follow the sun" as their name implies. At different times of the day they point in different directions. The leaves are so big they could be used as dinner plates!

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