Sunday, January 10, 2010

Catching Up

It's hard to believe that I have let two weeks go by without a word on this blog. I am still here. The first week was simply spent enjoying Christmas. With all the decorations out, light shone forth from all the sparkling things and I took time to delight in all of it. Friends stopped by and the visits were so wonderful. One morning, I met the next generation of a family who have been like extended family to me for over thirty-five years. The children are beautiful.

Each year the holidays seem to have a rhythm of their own. There are the traditions, the things that are always the same and then the things that are slightly different. This year it seemed that the concentration of gifts was on food--a giant See's toffee bar, lovely tea, enough cookies to give a party and a wonderful care basket of a complete meal of ham and other goodies that brought my friend's party to me. I too baked, filling the house with warm, comforting, good smells.

I remarked about this to one friend and posited that it seemed to be everyone's reaction to the recession. Making and sharing food brings comfort and connects us to our roots, those food memories of childhood that in turn, for most of us, signify security.

I am grateful for the lovely holiday just past and grateful too that the earthquake did not occur close to me. (Our two little bumpers on the Calaveras this week were enough of a reminder to me that this is earthquake country.) The earthquake was also a motivator to me to take down the Christmas decorations and put them away. As much as I love them, they are safer put away. That is a curious psychology and one that I may, or may not need to explore further!

It is easier to get on with the work of the New Year with Christmas decorations put away.

May 2010 be one of health, prosperity and grace for all of us.

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