Friday, January 30, 2009

New and Fun Things

You will notice, if you scroll down a bit through the links on the right hand side, that I have added an RSS feed to St. Anthony's messenger for the listing of the Saint of the Day. I notice that today is St. Hyacintha. I have never heard of this saint, but I am familar with the flower, so I will have to follow the link myself to find out more.

I have also been knitting this cold month of short days. New yarn from one of my most favorite EBay sellers, Over the Rainbow Yarn.

One project is now done, although this is what it looked like when I snapped a picture on Wednesday.

This is yummy yarn, handpainted in a subtle colorway that I think was called "Painted Plums".

More yarn arrived this week and it is shown in the next two photos.

I called the image, "Wild about Yarn" and then took a second one, "Wild about Yarn,2".

I am making simple, garter-stitch triangle shawlettes; mindless knitting for the hour so each evening that I watch mindless, "guilty-pleasure" television, usually re-runs of NCSI on cable with the space heater taking the chill off the living room and the clock ticking until it is close enough to bed-time to turn up the heat before going to bed. (If I don't start out warmed up and with the chill off the house, the electric blanket doesn't heat up enough. New technology.)

Probably the yarn has cost more than I have saved on the heating bill by rationing my use of it so tightly. Paying for the yarn, however is a pleasure, while the utility bill is not! The woman who handpainted the yarn is in business for herself and we all know about the utility companies...

So today I am grateful for sun shining on my keyboard and warming me as I type. (Although I will rejoice if we finally get rain, which we desperately need), for St. Hyacintha, whose name sounds like a flower and for yarn.

And I do wish I knew how to tell Blogger to insert the pictures where I want them instead of at the top of the typing block!

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