Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Epiphany 2009

Tonight my dear friend G, who is a nurse and is like another sister to me, came by with dinner and a piece of blessed chalk and the ritual for the Epiphany blessing of my house. This is a fine ritual and we delighted in saying the Magnificat and other prayers together. The inside top of my door now has the date and the crosses and the initials of the three wise men to bless my house.

Are the three wise men saints? I don't think I have ever thought of that before, more like folk legends or folk heroes, but they would be, I think, in the same category as the people in the Old Testament. Saints.

Then I wrestled my garbage out to the can and got a quite refreshing blast of cold, winter, night air. At the same time, I saw the daffodils poking up in various places. It was daylight a bit longer today and I noticed that, so Spring will come.

Epiphany, new beginnings--blessings, peace and a new year. I am grateful and hopeful tonight. Grateful for food and warmth (a space heater is warming me up along with fleece blankets wrapped around me and wool mitts on my hands as I type--fingerless of course), friendship and that the garbage is out in the can. Grateful too for the service called, "backyard garbage pick-up", by which the garbage collectors come into my patio and take the can out, empty it and return it to its place.

A good night in January.

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