Saturday, November 1, 2008

Beautiful Rain

California has been suffering from a drought since March. So to hear the rain falling is like music. Much of yesterday, last night and today the rain fell gently, sweetly watering our parched land. Snow has most probably fallen in the Sierra's, to the delight of everyone there--especially those who rely on skiers to bring them their livelihood.

We are dependent on the cycle of nature and as the days shorten and we draw within for winter activities, turning our clocks back tonight, it is a good time to reflect on how we are a part of that cycle.

Tomorrow is the Feast of All Souls, one of my favorite days in the Church calendar. The choir will sing the special Requiem for All Souls and that is a reminder of the cycle too, for we are here for a short time and then gone.

Today as I looked out at the light of a cloudy day in between the rain showers, I spotted a pair of hummingbirds dancing in air as they do from time to time. It is a thing of breathtaking beauty and I believe they are a mated pair, swooping towards each other, giving way to each other and circling, then flying off together. I have been watching them at the pineapple sage in the kitchen window too.

Gratitude is a major theme today. For the snug, well-lighted house where I sit typing; for the quiet that allows me to think and reflect; for the occasional plinking still of rain on the kitchen exhaust fan over the stove and for the hummingbirds and their joyous dance in the air.

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