Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More to Do

The to do list grows and grows. First there are the daily things, brush teeth, cook, wash dishes, sell Mary Kay, join networking groups on the Internet (that one soaks up time disproportionately to its returns, oh yes),work on writing projects and find things to sell in yard sale.

The yard sale that was two months off and a great idea looms this weekend. I am not ready. Everything has to be dusted, priced and finally arranged for sale. It would have been simpler to send it to the goodwill. However, I am doing this with friends, so I can't back out.

Self-promotion is an endless part of the to-do list. Make new business cards, make a brochure, make a press release (and actually mail it this time, which probably also means buy stamps). Before doing any of these uninstall one old printer that isn't working and install(setup) new printer. How many glitches before it prints page one?

Networking. Sounds like it should be fun and rewarding, right? Actually, it is overwhelming and time-consuming. At least it isn't cold-calling (which I thoroughly detested when it was still legal to do it.)

Pay the bills. That one never leaves the to-do list since they flow into the house in a kind of random stream--make sure I don't miss any. There must be a way to simplify this.

De-clutter the house. I've been at that one so long, I should have succeeded by now! I think I'll still be at this when I die! (If I'm lucky.)

Water the plants, pinch the basil (don't forget to cook the vegetables and use the basil), transplant some of them, buy the shade cloth from Bountiful Gardens along with seeds. (I could spend a very large sum here, if I hadn't already spent money elsewhere that I am still paying interest on.)

Revise my Cafepress site and update Squidoo lenses. Make new designs on Friendship and Flowers and garden themes for the cafepress. Figure out how the affiliate program actually does work. (This one has been there for quite a long time and should be given top priority.)

Figure out a better way to prioritize. Make appointments with myself to get some of these tasks done. (May sound silly, but has worked in the past.)

Have a second cup of coffee and think in peace about some of the above, giving thanks for the cool air and the fog. It smells less smoky today, so that is a great benefit.

Buy a lottery ticket so I can win and retire in peace. Overall, I am grateful, albeit tired

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