Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Growing Tomatoes

Two tomato plants languish in my side yard planter box. I know that the soil has not been amended and it was not watered before they were planted. The planter box grew a spectacular crop of weeds during the spring, but I assume they depleted rather than added to the soil.

Tomatoes need a lot of water and these probably haven't been getting enough. They also thrive on sun, and the area is partially in shade. I know that there are roses that will grow in part shade, but what about tomatoes? Probably not.

This morning I entertained myself by looking for information about tomato roots. They can grow to be three feet deep. That was new information. The pots they are supposed to be transplanted into are less than that, but better than the hard ground they are now in for they will be filled with very good potting soil mix.

So the next question is will they survive transplanting? There is a phenomenon known as "transplant shock" during which the newly planted either take hold and thrive or give up and die. I am thinking of seeing if they can be transplanted in stages. First they should go into some pots that are big enough, full of good soil and set where they will get morning sun and afternoon shade until they look like they are making it and then moved to the back to get used to more sun. Then and only then can they be transplanted into the really big pots.

The other day I realized that if I really wanted big pots, the family collection of vintage metal garbage cans would be great. I think I could grow a Meyer lemon in one. Very funky form of recycling, I'd like to give it a try.

Will report on the progress of the tomatoes. I have eaten the first three crooked neck squash as baby squash. Very yummy. But should be allowed to grow more. Am told that the beans are flowering and are ready to be staked. This is good.

Life is good except that it is hot and I prefer cool. The plum tree continues to stand. Gratitude is a major part of my life tonight.

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