Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday and the Heat is Coming

There is a heat advisory for the Bay Area, while somewhere in the country I believe that it is still snowing. The poppies seem to like the warmer weather. Today was actually almost perfect and if it would stay this way, it would be fine. Tomorrow is supposed to be much hotter. So I go about the house with my cane in my neckline (both hands are occupied by the wheels of my wheelchair) and crank open the old style, single pane glass windows. I long for the technology of electric windows and double pane glass, but give thanks that I figured out how to use what I have. This is the simplest and most basic of assistive technology--adapting what is available to what is needed. I can no longer walk with just a cane now; I need my crutches for that. Now the cane is adapted to other uses.

Last night I watched part of PBS's The American Experience on the life of FDR. He has always been one of my heroes and so has his wife. He tried so hard to overcome what could not be overcome. Acceptance is difficult, but ultimately it is more productive, I think than denial or a constant fight to do something that cannot be done. I give thanks for acceptance even though it came late in my life and sometimes I am still working on it.

I give thanks too that I do not live where typhoons swoop in with wind and rain or in a place where a gigantic earthquake has just exploded all serenity and semblance of normalcy. The heat will go away in a few days and everything will be fine. My cane will go back in its place at the front door and I will continue writing. So I am trying to concentrate on blessings, rather than discomfort.

I think that the basil and tomato seedlings will enjoy the weather and the roses in containers are benefiting from being moved to where they are getting more sun. Summer will soon be upon us and it is good to have the change of seasons.

The last of the irises are blooming on my kitchen counter and fading fast--like me, I don't think they like the heat.

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