Monday, March 3, 2008

Networking and Goofing Off

I've discovered Facebook. This is serious fun and could be seriously time-consuming. As in I really needed another procrastination device! Not really, but I feel as though I am coming into the twenty-first century! Finally, and not too bad really.

The software behind such a thing as facebook must be amazing. The software that I have come to take so for granted--the email, the laptop, the desktop and especially all the Office software (reconstructing Excel spread sheets lost in my late computer crash awaits me this week, in time for taxes; I am finally finishing a book I started in 2001--it could be in its third edition by now) and Adobe graphics and layout software. Digital photography is another.

Are we blessed to live in this age? I think so. It looks like the good does outweigh the bad with all of this. (I can even type faster on my keyboards than I ever could on an IBM Executive tripewriter, err I mean typewriter.) It does seem that we can seriously goof off a lot more though and that our attention spans must be either expanding in some way or else they aren't as good as our ancestors. Of course, we do live longer so we can make up for it that way, I suppose.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for today. The sunshine beckons and the daffodils need to be watered.

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