Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday and an Outing for Me!

My big adventure was to go to the clinic and have my blood work done. My dear friend, L came by in her station wagon and I managed to get into it and out again with no problem! It was a little trickier coming back but I think that was because I was tired.

The area is so pretty right now with green, green hills and blue sky. The clinic is an attractive building and someone in the laboratory had brought in gorgeous white orchids. I, of course, wished that I had brought my camera! Having never met a flower that I didn't fall in love with and want to photograph.

On the way, home, L offered to give me the neighborhood tour. It was kind of neat to see all the streets with the remodels that have gone on and especially the pretty flowers and yards. Several houses have been sold lately by a neighbor who is a Realtor and they are particularly nicely done.

Coming into my front gate I saw it from a very different perspective than what I usually do and it is one that says there are some rather large and overgrown bushes here. My friend K has been restraining herself valiantly from demolishing several and I think the time has come to tell her she has a license to wack.

Just a few minutes ago I found the email from the clinic that the tests were back. Sure enough, there they all are in my "e-chart". Everything is normal and that is good to see. My thyroid will go on being treated by the same medicine for a while longer--probably another year. The tune-up will be complete with another outing next month to see my doctor, whom I really like and admire. Getting out more is a need and a goal. I joked that there was no way to send my blood over the Internet, but in fact, I enjoyed going out. So it has been a very good and beautiful day. Cold though.

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