Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lights! Camera! Roll the wheelchair!

Last night I had the opportunity to witness and help with the most ingenious and innovative way to use a wheelchair that I have ever seen. Three boys from the local high school, one of whom is a neighbor, had asked if they could use my house to shoot a film project for their senior film class. Last night was the designated night. They came to my door with tripods and a camera gear box and a wheelchair. I answered the door in my wheelchair.

Surprised by the sight of the wheelchair, I was slightly taken aback and asked, "What is the wheelchair for?" My neighbor responded, "We have a tracking shot and we are going to use the wheelchair as a dolly." Ok. Actually it was quite cool and I plan to post a picture here later when I have uploaded the pictures to the desktop, downloaded them to the flash drive and re-uploaded them to the laptop, from which, connected to the Internet, I am blogging.

The equipment intrigued me. A light on a light pole. A tripod for the light pole and another for the camera. A boom mike with a headset. A round screen known as a diffuser. Finally, the wheelchair. Painter's blue tape came out of one of my drawers and was useful to keep the camera on the footplate of the wheelchair. (I just learned about painter's blue tape myself last summer.)

Life is varied and fun. I want a tripod myself. Also some lights. And a diffuser. Adorama has cool articles on their website that show how to take product pictures for posting on websites. Mine need to be better. More to learn. More to do. This makes life fun. I hope it continues to be and I am grateful. It is good to keep learning and especially to learn from other people, including those who are younger than I am. I am thankful for these opportunities.

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