Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Language of Flowers on Squidoo

One of my too numerous interests is the language of flowers. I guess it comes from being a medieval history and art history student--symbolism was important in the Middle Ages. So today I finally published my little Squidoo lens on the language of flowers. It needs additions--more flowers and there meanings, but since I failed to save my bookmarks off the hard drive they went in last year's computer crash. I will slowly find and add the material and it may not be the same as it would have been.

Roses mean love, pansies mean friendship and daffodils symbolize the resurrection. Lilies mean purity and have always been associated with Mary (as have roses and as someone remarked, just about every flower!)

The goal of that little lens is to be a part of a group on Victoriana and possibly on gardening. I have too many interests, like a friend of mine, CJ who on one occasion was visiting me from Germany and was asked by my father the perennial question, "So, CJ what did you major in, in college?" She replied, "Eclecticism."

My Squidoo lenses reflect that about me too! So does my cafepress store. So maybe that should be subtitle of this post. More will be coming on the lens soon. With the sun shining so beautifully today it is time for me to go look at my flowers.

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