Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Weather Continues Perfect for Knitting and Puttering

It's raining again. Not, thankfully, windy. So it is a cozy day to sit here and play with my valentine's designs at Cafepress, make a to do list for the young lady who will come help me later today and finally remember to blog.

These last few nights I have been using a cozy, very light wool shawl that I originally intended to put up for sale on Etsy. It took so long for me to knit it that I decided it was my "Christmas present to myself". A beautiful hand-dyed mix of red and cranberry and blue that is reminiscent of berries, it is also feather-light. Described by the eBay seller as fingering weight and perfect for socks, it would have made a lot of socks!

That reminds me that I need to learn to knit socks. I have lymphedema so my legs are different sizes, with one swollen so that no knee sock fits. Since I believe in dressing warmly before putting the heat up, hand-knit by me stockings to fit woudl be a practical boon. Maybe this winter. If not, maybe next summer.

I am finishing two pairs of "wristers" or fingerless gloves that I found I had not completed last winter. One pair for this computer and one for the other. Soft, warm wool from Lorna's Laces that may just be the prettiest wool on the planet.

It is good knitting and puttering weather, so on to the puttering. If all goes well there will be pumpkin muffins later.

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