Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cold, Cold and More Cold

The news is full of stories of snow on the hills. The Santa Cruz Mountains have snow. The East Bay hills have snow. Mount Hamilton and so it goes. The pictures on the news and on the new tv (so beautiful) are gorgeous. Cold and snow are getting old. I long for spring.

My new amaryllis is about to bloom on the counter. She thinks its spring! It is hard to tell if this is going to be one flower or two. Watching a plant like this grow is awe inspiring and hopeful. It will not be winter forever, even though right now it feels like it will be. The daffodils have buds, but fortunately are waiting for the weather to warm up.

Briefly the poinsettia sat outside--Christmas is over and I thought it time to reclaim the counter space--and then I realized how cold it was so she came back in and lends her splash of brilliant color to my space. I appreciate this especially in the mornings when I first wake up and look out and see this beautiful color.

Today I worked with my Mary Kay business, filling two orders to mail and I am so grateful. February's bills will be paid. Praise God and on to working on March!

We have new products that I know are going to be fun to share with people--mineral powder foundation with a special, beautiful brush and new lipsticks. Perfect for this spring. Just a little money will go a long way to revitalize last year's clothes, which will seem new anyway after all the winter scarves and boots and coats are put away.

Today I also looked at an unfinished writing project and couldn't believe how long that one has been waiting for me to come tend it. Maybe 2008 is going to be the year of finishing unfinished projects. More about that later, if I begin to make progress.

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