Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nearly Last Rose

Sunday I cut down what I think will be the last rose from this bush for this year. It may surprise me and bloom again for Christmas, but I don't expect it too. It was over six feet high, so I had to cut low and then whack the stem in half, no small task. It was covered with very large, very sharp thorns, which didn't quite defend it from me and didn't defend it from powdery mildew either. It is probably time to consider spraying them all again. The small yellow bush has a cluster of perfect sweet flowers, and the other two have a few. These roses have been such a blessing to me, growing as they do in their containers on my porch steps, where I can enjoy them so much.

Here is the picture that I took of the rose today. It is so large. I think it is Mr. Lincoln. It is also incredibly fragrant, but there is no way to share this over the internet.

The rose is so beautiful and inserting the picture has made me so happy (that after crowing quite loudly) I have decided that is my accomplisment for today and I will now raid the Halloween candy and go to bed! Happy day before Halloween.

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