Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tempus Fugit

How can it be August already? The first sunflower, the one that grew tallest first and bloomed with multiple flowers is shrinking. The flowers are drawing in and I assume going to seed. The younger ones continue to grow with one nearly as tall as the fence. More seedlings are growing in the ground along the planter box. These are the gift of filling the bird feeders with a mix that includes sunflower seeds.

Last year at this time one gigantic thistle occupied the same space that the sunflowers fill this summer. Two small offspring thistles have self-sown from last year, not at all the forest I expected as I watched clouds of thistle seeds blowing on the wind. Of course, the goldfinches found a feast from those thistle seeds, perching on the plant and tormenting the cat who sat under it, wishing them down to his space but never succeeding. They knew he could not climb the thorns.

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