Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Morning

Now that the blue jay (actually, Mountain Scrub Jay) has stopped cheek, cheek, cheeking in my yard and gone somewhere else the morning is amazingly quiet. The birds come and go from the feeders quite peacefully except for this one jay, whom I suspect is a fledge and complaining that Mom and Dad aren't feeding him any longer! Such is life in the bird world, little friend!

In our world we continue feeding people throughout our lives. Sunday is an especially good time for this. After feeding our hearts and souls by going to Mass and Communion, my family would come home and prepare a special, festal breakfast. The smells of coffee perking, bacon frying and eggs being cooked filled the house and made it comforting in a way that it is not if no cooking ever occurs. (Yesterday, the smell of my buckwheat pancakes lingered after I ate them and the house seemed warmed.)

Sunday was also the day when we would go to friends for dinner or they would come to our house. I think my mother was never so happy as when people gathered around her table to eat food she had prepared. She inherited a beautiful, large and solid dining room table with six chairs and a long buffet. The only trouble that I find with that table is that it will hold more things than any other table in the house! It has been sewing table, writing table, puzzle table, bill paying table, crafts table and of course eating table for over forty years. I love to remember its history as I use it and today my principal task is to declutter it so that friends can join me for dinner this week.

I wish you all a day of peace and rest and time to share food with family and friends.

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