Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Summer mornings

Today we are having a bit of a heat wave and the routine is different. Wheeling around my house to close the windows that I wheeled around opening last night, I breathe in the cool morning air and give thanks for the bits of clouds still hanging on from the night sky. There is over an hour less of daylight than there was a month ago, still the heat hung on in the house last night. I often wish I could bottle it and keep it for winter!

Then in the winter, I wonder if it will ever be warm again, knowing that it will and wishing I could bottle the cold air for the summer hot days.

Today is a catching up day and at puttering pace. I need to "destage" the living room from the place where all the overflow went during the painting and put it back into its role as living room again. Sometimes puttering pace is steadier and I get more done that way than if I tried to push a faster pace. After all the next birthday says 60 on it, so nothing gets done as quickly as it once did.

My Mary Kay products have been flying off the shelves this week and for that I am very, very grateful. Five things to be grateful for today

1. The presence of M in my life and her help to me over the last four years. She begins college today.
2. My sister, P, who is always there even though she lives 2500 miles away.
3. My friend L, who helps me out and whom I can laugh with and enjoy life with.
4. A surprise visit from my goddaughter, E and her boyfriend yesterday which was a delight.
5. The hope of having a productive day even though it is hot.

Ok, not a bad way to start the day.

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